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Currency Overview in Online Casinos

Many online casinos accept more than one account currency that players can select when registering an account, and this currency is then used for deposits or withdrawals. However, the casinos don't all accept every currency, and it can be somewhat difficult to find a casino that accepts your preferred currency.

This page offers you an overview of the currencies that are accepted in the casinos. Simply select the currency of your choice and you can see the online casinos that accept the selected currency.

Playing with your preferred currency has some advantages, and the most evident is that you can save money on currency conversion fees that might be otherwise applicable. Some payment methods also have limited currency support, so it's best to select a casino that accepts your preferred payment method and preferred currency.

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Currency selection during registration

Your account currency is usually selected when you register at the casino. Some casinos don't allow you to change the currency and they pre-select it based on your geo-location, but many other casinos allow you to select the currency of your choice.

Once the account is registered with a currency it's not possible anymore to change the account currency. If you wish to change the account currency you need to contact the customer support. Some casinos allow you to close one player account and register a new one, but some won't. In any case, don't just register a new account, as the casinos don't allow duplicate accounts, and you risk loosing any winnings accrued on the new account. You should always contact the customer support.

Most popular casino currencies

There are some currencies that you can find in almost every casino, but it mostly depends on the main target markets of the casino operator which currencies they accept. For example in Europe, Euro, British Pounds and Swedish Krona are often accepted, alongside US Dollars for players from other countries. However, if you're not playing with Euros or Dollars it may be more difficult to find a casino that accepts your currency and the choice of available online casinos is a lot more limited.

If you can't find any casino that accepts your preferred currency you can still sign up with another casino (provided country restrictions) and select another currency. But be prepared to pay conversion fees with the payment provider that processes your payment.


There are many online casinos where you can deposit with crypto currency and play for real money. Many casinos allow you to select a crypto currency as the main account currency, and you'll then be able to make deposits directly into your casino player account.

Some other casinos offer crypto payments which are converted automatically into the fiat currency of your account, which you have chosen during the registration at the casino.

You can find casinos accepting Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Tether and Dogecoin here on this page by selecting your preferred currency.

It is not possible to change the casino account currency after the registration has been completed. Some casinos select the best currency based on your geolocation, while others let you select your preferred currencies from a list of supported currencies.

Not every casino accept every possible currency, so if you wish to play with a currency other than US dollar or euro, which are widely accepted, you have to look around a bit more. You can find casinos with specific currencies on this page.

If you wish to change the account currency, you will need to contact the customer support of the casino, to discuss the necessary steps. Under no circumstances, we recommend just registering a new account, as most online casinos don't allow more than one active account at a time, and they can void winnings achieved with your new account.
The customer support can close your current account first, and you can then register a new player account with the new currency at the casino.

If the currency of your deposit is different from the currency of the account, a conversion fee will likely be applied by the payment processor, like for example your bank or e-wallet provider. This conversion fee is usually hidden in the exchange rate of the currency, which makes it sometimes difficult to see how much it is. Some operators apply Interbank exchange rates with a conversion fee of between 3% to 5%, which isn't cheap, but makes it more transparent.

Online casinos support many different currencies, but it varies with the operator. Commonly accepted currencies are US dollar, Canadian dollar, euro, British pound, Swedish krona or Norwegian kroner, but it depends on the target market of the casino if they also accept other currencies, like for example Indian rupees, South African Rand or Japanese yen. You can find online casinos supporting specific currencies on this page.

When you register a player account at an online casino, you also have to consider the account currency, as all the funds deposited and withdrawn are otherwise being converted, which will cost fees.

Choosing a currency in which you have funds, and an account that you can use to make payments to online casinos, will mean that you won't have to pay conversion fees.

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