Casinos that Accept the Saudi Riyal (SAR) Currency

Are you looking for an online casino where you can use Saudi Riyal as an account currency? Then you have come to the right place! We list a number of trustworthy online casinos where you can spend SAR without having to pay conversion fees!

The decision to play at an online casino shouldn't be taken lightly, and there are a few things you need to consider before signing up with an online casino. Choosing a casino with your preferred currency has the advantage that you won't have to pay conversion fees when you make deposits or withdrawals.

If you have Saudi Riyal to spend, and wish to play at an online casino, you can find many operators that allow you to select SAR for your account.

Top Saudi Riyal Online Casinos in 2024

This table provides you with the best online casinos with Saudi Riyal as a currency. Each casino is licensed, and you can find more information about the operators, their games, bonuses and everything else of importance in our detailed reviews.

Unfortunately, there are no casinos available at this time that accept players from your country.

About the Saudi Riyal

The Saudi Riyal ↱ (ISO: SAR, Arabic: ريال سعودي ) is the official currency of Saudi Arabia. 1 riyal is divided into 100 halalas. Since 1986, the riyal is pegged to the US-Dollar at a rate of 3.75 SAR to 1 USD. It's been the primary currency of the country since its official creation in 1932. Banknotes were introduced in 1953, which are now in the 6th series and feature the face of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia ↱ is an Islamic country which is governed by Islamic laws. These laws prohibit any form of gambling. This means that residents, as well as tourists, have no means to gamble at land-based establishments or online casinos in Saudi Arabia.

However, sports and racing events are popular with the population, and although it's illegal to place bets, some residents conduct underground betting, which is very unsafe and provides no protection whatsoever.

As all gambling activities are illegal in Saudi Arabia, we don't recommend breaking any local laws. This page is aimed at players who are located outside of Saudi Arabia, and who wish to spend Saudi Riyal at an online casino.

Popular payment options for players with Saudi Riyal

The available payment methods at online casinos don't only depend on the casino's payments, but also on your country of residence. Most online casinos accept credit cards like Visa and Mastercard and e-wallets like Skrill, which also allows you to select SAR as the base currency.

Other commonly accepted payment methods might not support SAR payments without conversion fees, but if you have a payment method in mind that you wish to use, you can find more options in our payments overview.

Safety of online gambling for players with Saudi Riyal

Gambling online is a safe activity, provided you keep a few things in mind before you register with a casino and give them your money. Make sure the casino has a valid licence and a good reputation with the players, especially when looking at their payments. All casinos promoted at have a good reputation with their players.

It is also important to know that a licence is not the sole indicator for trustworthiness, it also depends on who issued the licence, and the general conduct of the casino. A casino licensed from the MGA or the UKGC has to follow strict regulations, and is audited regularly for compliance.

These regulators put an emphasis on player protection, fair games and advertising guidelines that are misleading. Whoever plays at these casinos can expect a safe gaming environment, but it is still important to look at the reputation of the operator, as only time will tell of how serious they conduct their business.

Casinos licensed in Curacao or Panama are usually not under so much scrutiny, and you have to rely more on the reputation of the operator.

Saudi Riyal FAQ

If you've chosen to play at an online casino, but they don't accept SAR payments directly, you'll be able to select a different currency. Most casinos will allow you to select your preferred currency, but some will choose the account currency based on your location.

Remember, that once an account is registered, you won't be able to change the account base currency at a later date. We also don't recommend opening a second account at the same casino, as this is usually not permitted. Contact the customer support for the necessary steps if you wish to use a different currency.

Making payments with different currencies will also incur conversion charges, unless you have funds in the respective currency. These conversion charges are often hidden in the exchange rate of the payment processor, and they can range from between 3% to 5% of the amount transferred.

If the casino offers players from your country of residence a casino bonus on your deposit, and you've previously selected SAR during the registration of your casino account, you'll also be able to claim the bonus with a Riyal payment. If the bonus amount is shown in a different currency, like for example US dollar, the amount will be converted automatically into Saudi Riyal.

Remember, bonus terms and conditions and wagering requirements apply to all casino bonuses, and we recommend reading them carefully when you decide to get bonus money on your deposit.

An online casino that accepts Saudi Riyal as the base currency of your player account will allow you to make deposits and withdrawals with Saudi Riyal. You can find some of the best SAR casinos here at, including detailed reviews about each casino.

Many online casinos don't charge fees for deposits or withdrawals, but it's important to take a look at the payment policies, as there are other important factors to keep in mind, like for example the time it takes for the casino to process a withdrawal, or if they impose limits on how you are allowed to cash out in a week or month.

Playing money games on the Internet is subject to legal and age restrictions for online gambling in your country of residence. Legal minimum age for gambling activities is 18 years in most jurisdictions. If you are under the legal age, or if online gambling is prohibited in your jurusdiction, please close this website.

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