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How to play mobile casino games

Playing at a mobile casino can be good fun. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you start playing. This article can help you to have a great experience when playing online.

A steady Internet connection is vital

A good and steady Internet connection is very important. Only play when you are either in reach of a good mobile connection, or a wireless network with good reception. Although games can be resumed in case the connection interrupts, it is a nuisance when it happens.

Does your device support mobile games?

Another aspect to consider is your device, and if it supports the games of the casino. You can find a lot of information about the supported devices of each mobile casino on our website. What we would suggest however is to try out different casinos, and look at how they work on your device. Having a more modern device, such as an iPhone 4 or 5, or an Android device working on at least Android 4.0 is also recommended. These devices are much more likely to be able to handle the games. But if you have a device operating with an older system, you can still try the games, and see if they work.

Mobile App or Websites?

Some casinos offer Apps to play, and others offer a mobile website. Depending on what is used, you might have to install additional software, such as Flash or Java. If the website offers a dedicated app you can download that either through the App Store, the Play Store, or from the operator's website. These apps are generally free of charge. Some of them also offer other functionalities, such as access to the sportsbook, or scratch card games.

A growing selection of games using different softwares

The game selection is getting larger every month. The developers are making an effort of making the games compatible with mobile devices. In most casinos you can expect at least 20 casino games, in some others are even more available. However, there is a small drawback, as not all games are compatible with every device. Your device will tell you if Flash is missing for example. Since Flash is no longer developed for newer devices you can try to install an older version of the software. Here you can find instructions on how to do this ↱.

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