What are Casino Bonus Wagering Requirements

When you sign up in an online casino and you play with bonus money, you won't get the bonus money for free. The casinos give you this money as an incentive to try out the casino, and to play longer for your money.

Bonus money can never be immediately cashed out. You will have a play the bonus money, or sometimes the deposit plus the bonus, an x amount of times before and once you have fulfilled the wagering requirements you can request a withdrawal. The wagering requirements in the casinos can vary greatly, and it is important that you make yourself familiar with the bonus terms and conditions before playing with bonus money.

How does bonus wagering work?

Let's assume you make a deposit of €100 and you get a bonus of 100% from the casino, i.e. €100 in bonus money. This means that you have now €200 to play with. Let's also assume that the casino applies wagering conditions of 35x the bonus amount. In this scenario you will play with your real money first, and once your real money is used up you will start playing with the bonus balance. Since you have received €100 in bonus money, and the casino applies wagering conditions of 35x the bonus you will need to stake a total of €3,500 in the games. Now this sounds relatively high, but you have to see the bonus money as a free second chance to win some cash. When you play the slots it is unlikely that you lose in every spin, so you will keep winning and losing, and each time you spin the reels it is counted towards the wagering. In most cases you will lose the bonus money, but it is not unlikely that you can play through the wagering requirements and even cash out some money in the end.

How much bonus money can I withdraw?

The bonus itself can not be withdrawn, you have to play through the wagering requirements first in order to cash out. Some casinos apply limits of how much you can cash out with bonus money, and others don't. Especially no deposit bonuses or other free cash bonuses often have a cap on winnings, which is likely to be around €100 or €200. This means, that even if you win more, you will only be able to cash out a certain amount, and the rest will be kept by the casino. In most casinos the regular deposit bonuses don't have these kinds of conditions, and if you win a lot, you can cash it all out. In any case, read the bonus terms and conditions carefully before playing with bonus money.

What are game contributions for bonus wagering?

Another thing that you need to make yourself familiar with when playing with bonus money is how much the games contributes to the bonus wagering. As you might already know, casino games have different chances of winning. Slot machines for example are completely random, and you have no influence on the result of the spin whatsoever. However, some games, like Blackjack or Roulette can be played in a certain way that will lower the house edge of the casino and give you an almost 50% chance of winning. You might think now, that these games would be the best games to play with bonus money, and to try to play through the bonus wagering requirements, but you will probably be disappointed to hear now, that most casinos exclude these types of games, or their contribution is very low.

In the terms and conditions of the casino, or in the bonus terms you can usually find a mention of game contributions when you play with bonus money. Most slot machines have 100% contribution, table games are often around 10% or lower. The percent figure means that the specific share of your wager is counted towards fulfilling the bonus wagering requirements. For example, if you play a spin at a slot machine for €1, and that game contributes to 100%, your full wager of €1 will be counted towards the wagering requirements (with the example of needing to fulfil €3,500 in wagering you would now have €3,499 left). If you use your €1 wager to play for example a Roulette game that only contributes 10%, then only 10 cents are counted towards the wagering requirements (with the example of needing to fulfil €3,500 in wagering you would now have €3,499.90 left). This means that you will have to play a lot longer to fulfil the wagering requirements and be able to cash out.

The game restrictions help the casinos prevent bonus abuse, and give players a fair chance of winning. Some casinos offer specific bonuses for table games with higher contributions, but most casinos give you 100% game contributions for slot games. In some casinos you won't even be able to play table games or live casino games with bonus money, and the contribution will be 0%. Many casinos also exclude jackpot games with large progressive jackpots, which means that you won't be able to win a huge jackpot when playing with bonus money.

Is there a best slot for bonus money?

Answering this question is tricky, because it's depending on your own style of playing the games and your own preference. There are slots with a high variance where you will likely lose the bonus money balance quicker, but in turn you get a chance to score a higher win. Slots with a low variance usually give you more winning spins, but with lower amounts, but this will mean that you would have a longer play time, and maybe even get a chance for a higher win. The best thing is that you take a look at the different types of slots and try them for free (you can also do that here on CasinoDaemon.com), and then pick a game that you like and that suits your needs.

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