UPI Net Banking Casinos and Guide for Deposits and Withdrawals

UPI stands for Unified Payments Interface. It is a payment system that allows users from participating banks to use a mobile application or web interface to send and receive payments. It was developed by the NPCI ↱ (National Payments Corporation of India), and launched in 2016.

Users can download a mobile app from their bank and use the UPI Net Banking system to make payments to a user at other banks, online vendors or also online casinos.

UPI payment system can only be used by when you have a bank account at a bank in India that is a part of the system. The number of banks is increasing steadily, and some of the participating banks are for example ICICI Bank, Bank Of India, HSBC, DBS Digibank, Punjab & Sind Bank, Federal Bank, Canara Bank, Airtel Payments Bank, Union Bank of India, and many more (full list here ↱).

Top UPI Net Banking Casinos in 2024

This list provides you an overview of the online casinos that accept UPI Net Banking for deposits and withdrawals. You can find a detailed review for each casino, giving you more information about the payment terms, games, bonuses and everything else that you should know about the operator.

Unfortunately, there are no casinos available at this time that accept players from your country.

How does UPI Net Banking work?

The UPI payments system is essentially an instant banking system that allows you to make a convenient bank transfer to a participating vendor, casino, or to other users directly. You can send and receive money, split bills, or send money requests to other users.

Each participating bank has their own mobile app with an integrated UPI system, and the number of banks offering this service is growing, with currently over 150 domestic banks in India.

You can register with the service with your phone number, which also must be connected to your bank account. Once registered, you can use the number and your bank name as an identifier for your account. Yu can initiate payments online or mobile and then confirm the payments through the bank's UPI app on your phone. A payment has to be confirmed or you can decline it, which would stop the purchase.

Making a payment with UPI is very easy and secure. Select the amount that you wish to transfer, or initiate the payment through the vendor's website, select the payment method UPI NetBanking and enter your unique UPI identifier. Then login to your online banking mobile app, and confirm the payment with the unique transaction. The payment is then processed, and you will receive a confirmation message.

Advantages and disadvantages of using UPI Net Banking at casinos

  • Funds are transferred within seconds
  • Bills can be split with other users (bill sharing)
  • Security through two factor authentication
  • Payment requests can be sent
  • Casino withdrawal is possible
  • Only available for users in India with an account from the participating bank
  • Transactions will appear on your bank statements
  • Some fees may apply

Casino deposit with UPI Net Banking

Making a casino deposit with UPI Net Banking is simple. Select the payment method from available methods, which you can see after you've created your user account.

Enter the amount you wish to transfer to the casino, and follow the steps on screen. You'll need to enter relevant details to request the payment, and then you'll need to confirm the payment through the banking app on your phone.

As soon as the payment has been accepted by your bank, it will be credited to your casino player account, and you can start playing casino games for real money. The payment is usually processed within 30 minutes.

Casino withdrawal with UPI Net Banking

If you previously used UPI Net Banking for the casino deposit, you'll also be able to select it for the casino withdrawal. Enter your bank details, including the bank name, branch name, branch address, and your account number, and the 11-digit IFSC code, as well as the amount that you wish to withdraw from your casino winnings.

Each casino has a processing time, during which they will check your withdrawal request, and once the casino has processed the payment, you should have it credited to your account within 3 business days.

Also remember, that many casinos apply maximum transaction limits, and some of them also charge fees, so make sure that you take a look at the payment policies of the casino.


A UPI Net Banking bank transfer is convenient for users who wish to deposit directly from their bank account to the casino, and also use it for the withdrawal at the casino. This will eliminate the need for using a third-party service to deposit or withdraw, but it also means that the transactions will appear on your bank statement.

It is a very safe payment method and widely used and accepted in India. There aren't many online casinos yet that accept this payment method, but the number is growing steadily, and we think it will become available in many more casinos very soon.

A small drawback is, that some fees may be applied, but these are very low, considering the speed and service of the payment.

UPI Net Banking FAQ

Considering it is a payment method for Indian users, the base currency of Indian bank accounts is usually will be Rupees. If you make a transfer to a vendor using a different currency, it will be converted for a fee, which is usually set by the bank sending the payment. To find out how much the fees for currency conversion are, you'll need to check the policy of your bank.

Using the UPI NetBanking may incur a charge of ₹0.50 per transaction, but it may also be free, depending on which service and bank you're using. Most casinos also don't charge fees for deposits, but it's important to take a look at the payment terms, as some casinos charge a fee for withdrawals.

In short, UPI payments are fast and convenient. You can make instant bank transfers from your bank account to an online merchant or online casino, which means that you don't have to use other third party payment services, and therefore may save fees.

You can use UPI Netbanking at online casinos to fund your player account within moments, and start playing the casino games for real money. Lucky players who win and want to pay out their winnings can also use UPI for the withdrawal at online casinos.

A payment sent with UPI Net Banking is usually confirmed within 30 minutes. This means, that once the payment has been accepted by the bank, you'll be able to play the games within half an hour at most.

Receiving money from a casino can take a little longer, as the casino will have to check the withdrawal first, and once it's processed, it can take up to 3 business days before you have the money credited back to your bank account.

Although it is not widely available yet, there are some online casinos that accept UPI Net Banking for payments to and from the casino. Find our list of the best casinos here CasinoDaemon.com, along with reviews and information about the casinos bonuses, payments, terms and more.

The minimum amount that you can transfer to an online casino is set in their own policies, and varies with the casinos. Many casinos allow you to make a transfer starting from ₹800 , with transaction limits of up to ₹400,000.

Some casinos also apply withdrawal limits, which restrict how much you can request in a pre-defined period of time, like a day, week or month. Again, this is something defined in the casino's general terms and conditions, and you can find more information about each casino's payout limits in our reviews.

Many online casinos offer players from India a casino bonus, and if they also accept UPI Net Banking, you'll be able to claim a casino bonus with that payment method..

Transactions made through the UPI Net Banking online interface or the mobile app from your bank are very safe. Every transaction has to be confirmed with a unique transaction number, for example an SMS sent to your phone with a code that you need to enter to confirm the payment.

Transactions are also secured through SSL encryption, adding another layer of security. Overall, it is a very safe payment method to make payments to online casinos, online vendors or other users, and it is widely used and accepted in India.

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