BitPay Casinos and Guide for Deposits and Withdrawals

BitPay ↱ is a global payment processor for crypto currency payments. The company BitPay Inc is based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and was founded in 2011, in the early days of Bitcoin, and before it became so hugely popular. The company offers a payment solution for businesses worldwide to accept Bitcoin for payments either via an online gateway, per email or in-store.

BitPay Casinos in 2024

There are some online casinos that accept BitPay as a payment method, and you can find some of the best operators in the list below. Every casino has a valid license and you can find a detailed review providing you with details about the payments, terms, games, fees, bonuses and everything else of importance at the casino.

Unfortunately, there are no casinos available at this time that accept players from your country.

How does BitPay work?

BitPay is a wallet for cryptocurrency and you can also exchange cryptocurrency. Users can spend Bitcoin online through the app, or with a Visa card.

The BitPay App is available on the website, and can be downloaded for Apple devices, Android devices, Linux and Windows 10. The app allows you to purchase crypto currencies Bitcoin and you can spend it online at shops or casinos that offer this payment method.

You can also use the card to withdraw dollars at cash machines, but a withdrawal limit of $1,500 per day will apply. Each cash withdrawal also has a limit of $500. There are several options available to top up the card, including direct deposits, or a transfer from another compatible wallet.

You can also use the card to withdraw dollars at cash machines, but a withdrawal limit of $1,500 per day will apply. Each cash withdrawal also has a limit of $500. There are several options available to top up the card, including direct deposits, or a transfer from another compatible wallet.

Advantages and disadvantages of using BitPay at casinos

  • Transactions are processed immediately
  • Fees are low
  • Pay by card at outlets or through the app
  • Only available currency is USD
  • Bitcoin is a highly volatile crypto currency
  • Not available to users from every country in casinos
  • Fees apply

Casino deposit with BitPay

Not all online casinos that accept BitPay also offer it as a worldwide payment solution to their clients, although technically users from all over the world can use the service. You can see if you can use it after logging in to your user account. Available payment methods will be based on your country of residence and they will appear on the page for the deposits, i.e. the cashier. A casino deposit with BitPay will be processed within moments, which means you won't have to wait long before you can play.

Casino withdrawal with BitPay

Depending on the casino's policies you may also be able to use BitPay for the withdrawal at the casino, but only if you've previously also used the payment method for the deposit.


BitPay is a good alternative for users who wish to make a Bitcoin payment to an online casino and exchange it to US Dollars. The fees are low and the transactions are carried out very fast. You can use a desktop or mobile device to make a payment and you can also acquire a BitPay Visa card to use or withdraw cash. Overall, it's a safe and transparent payment method for quick transactions to casinos.

Bitpay FAQ

Bitpay currently only supports payments in US Dollar.

When using BitPay as a payment method, or to exchange Bitcoin to fiat, fees will apply, but they are relatively low when compared to other exchanges. BitPay Network costs apply, as well as a wallet miner fee when Bitcoin are exchanged to US dollar.

Paying with the card within the US is free of charge, and in all other countries it costs a 3% transaction fee. Using an ATM costs $2 each time when you're in the US, and $3 if you're in another country. Keep in mind, that these fees can change at any time, the up-to-date details can be found on the website.

Sending and receiving money with Bitpay only takes a few moments. In case you request money from the casino, keep in mind that the casino will apply a processing time during which the payment is checked. This usually ranges from a few hours to a few days. Once the casino approved the payment it will take only a few moments for you to get it credited to your account.

There aren't many casinos yet that accept Bitpay as a payment method, but it may become more popular in the near future. You can find the best Bitpay casinos on this page.

In case the casino offers a casino bonus for your deposit you may also be able to claim it with Bitpay. Some casinos may exclude certain payment methods, so take a look at the bonus terms to see exclusions.

BitPay Inc is based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

The software of the App is open source, which means that everyone can see the code and make suggestions, bug reports and contributions to it. This increases transparency and trust.

The wallet itself is non-custodial, which means that you are in control of your funds, not the operator, and you are responsible to keep your Bitcoins safe. Since it's a blockchain payment processor, the payments are also safe, as users would need your private key to make payments. As long as you keep your wallet and key safe, you won't have anything to worry about.

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