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Advantages and disadvantages of playing at mobile casinos

Playing at mobile casinos can be the right thing for some people, but not for others. To find out what's good (or bad) about mobile play, you can read about certain aspects in this article. However, don't let the disadvantages put you off from trying. You can usually try out the casinos on your phone before playing with real money. Then you can make your own decision on whether you like them or not.

Advantages of mobile play

The main advantage of playing mobile casino slots is that you can access the game anywhere you want, as long as you have a steady connection to the Internet. For example, you can sit comfortably on your couch, or have a quick game at the bus stop. Who knows, maybe you hit the jackpot while waiting in line to order a coffee...? You don't have to travel anywhere to play, you are carrying all games in the you pocket. Easy access is guaranteed when you play at mobile casinos.

The games are also super fast to access, you don't need to wait for your computer to boot up. You also don't have to wait for other people to finish their game before you can play. If you for example want to play at a Roulette table at a land based casino, it can happen that the table is full, and that you have to wait. Of course, this won't happen when you play online, you can always take a seat at a virtual table.

Sometimes the casinos also give you special mobile bonuses, that you can only receive when you play on the mobile site, or app. This extra casino bonus money gives you more chances of hitting the big jackpot without spending more.

Disadvantages of mobile casino slots

When playing games on your Smartphone or tablet, you will notice that the selection of games isn't as large as it is on the websites. The games that are available have been optimised for mobile use, usually to be touch screen compatible. The game developers are constantly improving the selection by adding new games regularly. However, if you want to play other games you can simply logon to the website from a computer.

Another small disadvantage is also that the screen of a Smartphone is quite small. This may be a problem for some, as the game detail will be very small, and some things might be hard to see. It may take some time getting used to using a small screen. There shouldn't be any problems though if a tablet PC is used with mobile casinos.

In some cases you will also have to install additional software on your device, because different games require different software, such as Flash, or Java. This is usually not a problem for the device, but can take a few minutes of your time.

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