Date published: 02.02.2021

UK Gambling Commission Announces Changes To Make Gambling Safer

Today, the UK Gambling Commission has announced that some changes are going to be introduced that aim to make online gambling safer.

The types of measures introduced are the result of a public consultation that was held with players, the public, gambling industry representatives, and stakeholders.

New measures for responsible gambling will have to be introduced by operators with a UKGC license by the end of October 2021, which means it will probably take some time before they will be fully effective and implemented, as extensive changes in the software of the games will be necessary.


More control and protection for the players

The changes will affect online slots, as they are more intensive games and carry the highest risk for players. The changes to online slots for UK players include:

1. Fast-play features, or features that give the illusion of control over the outcome, like a stop-button for example, will not be allowed.

2. A spin at a slot has to take at least 2.5 seconds, faster games are not allowed.

3. Automatic play options won't be available.

4. Sounds of the slot for low-value winning combinations of equal to or lesser the stake won't be allowed.

5. The casino must clearly show the time a player has played, their total losses and wins.

6. Casino operators won't be allowed to reverse withdrawals. This means that once requested, a withdrawal cannot be cancelled by the player, and they won't be able to gamble for funds that have been requested to be withdrawn.

Desired effects of these measures

The measures aim to make players more aware of how long they are playing and how much they are losing and winning. This is especially important when playing online slots, as many players reported losing track of time, especially when using automatic play options. The removal of fast-play and introduced minimum spin time aims to give players a better sense of control over the game, and to decrease binge playing.

The decision to ban the reverse withdrawal option was made due to the temptation to re-gamble the money that was requested to be withdrawn.

Responsible Gambling in the UK

Responsible gambling and player protection is an important part of the UK Gambling Commission's policies.

If you feel that you may show signs of problem gambling you can take free tests, speak to someone, and take measures yourself to limit your spending, like for example setting limits for your deposits or losses. You can also self-exclude from gambling, either for one casino, for a limited time, or indefinitely from all casinos by visiting

Read more about responsible gambling in our guide ↱ or visit ↱ for more information.

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