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Frequently asked questions about mobile casinos

How secure is playing mobile casino games?

Playing games on your phone is generally safe. The connections to the websites are secured by SSL, and when you make a payment no one can access your private data. The developers of the mobile platforms also made sure that all information sent to and from the servers when playing is encrypted and can't be tampered with. You can be sure that the casinos we recommend are all certified secure and licensed.

Is mobile casino gambling dangerous?

Mobile gambling is just as dangerous (or not), as gambling at regular online casinos. When playing you need to keep certain things in mind, so that you won't have a bad gambling experience. Firstly, you need to set yourself a limit of what you are willing to lose. Remember not to play to make up for previous losses. Also keep in mind to take breaks, and not play to long. These games should be played for fun and entertainment, and no other reason.

Mobile casino games pose a certain higher risk, as they are accessible from anywhere you are. This makes it more likely that you play more often. If you feel that you are developing a problem with gambling, please consult an organisation for help. Another thing is to protect minors. Please don't leave your phone or tablet with access to the casinos in reach of children. If possible protect it with a password, and always log out of the gambling website.

Can I play at a mobile casino with real money?

Yes, you can. On our page, you can find a great selection of casinos that offer mobile casino games and slots. These games can all be played with real money, and you can make deposits and withdrawals on your mobile device just like you can on the operator's website. Some of the games can also be played with fun money. This is helpful when you want to try out the games before wagering real money in a casino.

Is there a mobile casino bonus?

Yes, there are some mobile casino bonuses. When newly registering with a website, you can receive the general welcome bonus (if you are eligible), and on some sites you can also find an additional extra bonus for mobile games. On our page we have listed all the best online casinos with mobile games, the bonuses they offer, and the relevant conditions. Take a look around, I'm sure you'll find a casino bonus offer you like.

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