Entropay Casinos and Guide for Deposits and Withdrawals

Entropay Update Closure

Update: As of 1st of July 2019, Entropay has ceased their operation.

Unfortunately, the Entropay service is not accepting any new registrations and accounts are gradually being restricted. As of December 2018, Accounts can no longer be topped up through bank transfers, credit cards or debit cards. As of February 2019, all virtual Visa cards are cancelled and the funds are transferred to the wallet balance. The 24th of April 2019 was the deadline for funds to be cleared out of the accounts. The 1st of July 2019 is the day services will be ceased completely. Alternative payment methods that offer virtual Visa or Mastercard are for example Neteller, Skrill or Payz .

Entropay offers an interesting concept of online payments that basically involves creating a virtual Visa card and then paying with it online. The service has been available since 2003, and the company has their headquarters in Malta. You can use this payment method where the Visa logo is shown, and also for transfers to online casinos. What makes this method safe is that you won't have to disclose any of your bank details. It is not possible to spend more than you have, and you can enjoy the convenience of paying with Visa without having to undergo credit checks from the banks. You can create new cards within a few seconds, which will minimise the risk of Visa fraud significantly. Using a virtual Visa card will also mean that your spending is private, as transactions won't appear on any bank statements or Visa card statements.

How does Entropay work?

You can register an account with Entropay for free on the website. The service is available worldwide in the currencies USD, GBP and EUR. Before you can use it you will need to load money into your Entropay account with a bank transfer or another card payment. You can then create a new virtual Visa card online, or delete the card(s) if you wish to do so. The ability to create new virtual cards makes transactions safe, and it will minimise the risks of fraud.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Entropay at casinos

  • making payments is free
  • protection of personal information
  • available in EUR, GBP and USD
  • overspending is not possible
  • information about spending is private
  • fees apply to depositing, withdrawing and other services
  • casino withdrawal not always possible

Casino deposit with Entropay

Many casinos accept Entropay for payments. Since it is a virtual Visa card you can use it anywhere where Visa or Entropay are accepted. It is important to note though that the cardholder name must be the same as the casino account holder name. You can find the best Entropay Casinos here at CasinoDaemon.

Casino withdrawal with Entropay

If you have used your virtual Visa card for the deposit at the casino it is may also be possible to use the same card for the withdrawal. It depends on whether the casino accepts payments made to virtual Visa cards. If in doubt, we recommend contacting the casino directly. There may be circumstances where a withdrawal to an Entropay Visa card is not possible, for example if the card has expired. If you're not able to use the virtual Visa card for the withdrawal at the casino you should be able to select a different payment method. Money transferred to the virtual Visa card will be credited to the prepaid card, and you can spend it again or withdraw it to you own bank account from your Entropay account.

Fees for using Entropay

The services of Entropay are not all without fees. Creating a card and making purchases online is free of charge, but transferring money from to your bank account incurs a fee. There are also other fees, for example foreign exchange rates if you pay in another currency, or if you want to make a withdrawal back to your bank account. The fees vary depending on the currency that you are using, so we recommend taking a look at the website for up-to-date amounts.

It can also happen that the casino charges a fee for deposits or withdrawals made with Entropay, but it really depends on the casino. Most casinos don't charge any fees, but before you make a deposit you should take a look at the casino and if they charge fees.


Entropay is an easy and safe way to make online payments with Visa. Using the prepaid card has many advantages and it is also a good means to control your spending, as you don't have a credit limit on the card, and you are not able to spend more than you have. Due to the ability of creating and deleting cards you can also minimise fraud and protect your spending information from others, as payments won't appear on any statements. However, the service is not completely free to use, but fees are reasonable for this type of service. It is easy to see why Entropay has become one of the most popular payment providers for virtual Visa cards.

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